Depression to Enlightenment

30 Day Depression/Anxiety Challenge

Depression nearly took my Life almost a decade ago. My recovery through the use of self help tools which I developed in the midst of this profound suffering is the driver for this series of videos. In here you will find out exactly how I managed to make the shifts, and how you can too.

This is the story and the philosophy behind this system which allows the transition from Depression to Enlightenment.    

Intrigued? well enjoy the videos, and feel free to email me to discuss your situation.

Day 1 Seeing the confusion - purpose of life questions!

Day 2 Seeing the confusion part 2 - purpose of life questions!

Day 3 Triggers - How to recognise the easy ones, and what to do!

Day 4 - Steps that lead to Depression or Anxiety!

Day 5 - My Story!

Day 6 - Do you ever reach the journey's end?

Day 7 - Hmmn - Not enough triggers on the outside? How about triggering ourselves?

Day 8 - How running fast links into a cycle around Depression and or Anxiety

Day 9 - What happens when things run really fast

Day 10 - What Slow is and how it relates to the cycle, fast/slow/control/happy

Day 11 - What is Control and what it feels like

Day 12 - Now you are happy - Good isn't it? or is it really?

Day 13 - EveryDay Tools for dealing with Fast. Practical tips - Part 1

Day 14 - EveryDay Tools for dealing with Fast. Practical tips - Part 2

Day 15 - EveryDay Tools for dealing with Slow. Practical tips

Day 16 - First Aid Tips for Anxiety - Handling those Control issues.

Day 17 - Practical tips for turning Happy into Joy. The first aid approach to waking up.

Day 18 - The Way Out - You don't have to stay in this downward spiral of Anxiety, Depression and Mania.

Day 19 - Getting into the upward spiral.

Day 20 - Converting Depression into Peace through Silence and how Grace is invited in.

Day 21 - Choosing Connection over Anxiety - how to overcome the need to Control.

Day 22 - Feeling Manic - How to convert that feeling to Harmony.

Day 23 - If you are Happy but still asleep then you may want to try Awakening through Joy.

Day 24 - Taking the first steps out of Mania into Harmony

Day 25  -The next steps in turning Depression into Peace

Day 26  - The next steps with Anxiety - conversion to Connection

Day 27  - Being awake - the next steps on from Happy

Day 28  - The Big Barriers - 1 - How the Ego ensures the Fast phase, and what to do.

Day 29  - The Big Barriers -  - How the Pain Body creates The Slow Phase (Depression) and what can be done to reverse the process